Jack Scully Thriller Named Finalist by Florida Writers Association

The Hitman’s Lover has been named a finalist in the Royal Palm Literary Awards of the Florida Writers Association. Winners will be announced at a banquet on Saturday evening, October 20.

Here’s a brief overview: Jack Scully, a partner in a Jersey City law firm, has a nice “divorce and dog bite” practice until his old Aunt Maude guns down a policeman and insists that he handle her case. What’s her defense? She claims the cop was really a hitman hired by her alcoholic husband Teddy. As Scully digs into the shooting, he learns that a gang of crooked cops is moonlighting for organized crime boss Carmine D’Annunzio and carrying out contract killings. One of the cops, charming Tommy McGann, is also squiring the crime boss’s gorgeous daughter Angela. Scully zeros in on McGann. Then McGann turns up dead, burnt to a crisp. But is the body really McGann’s? Scully learns the truth when he sets a trap for the crooked cops and gets caught in his own snare. A fiery escape leads Scully to what he’s wanted all along, the luscious Angela D’Annunzio – and he follows her blindly into the final betrayal.