Second Jack Scully Thriller Named Finalist By Florida Writers Association

The Florida Writers Association has named a second Jack Scully novel, Grind His Bones, as a finalist for its Royal Palm Literary Awards. The novel is scheduled for publication later this year. Previously named as a finalist was The Hitman’s Lover, which is now available in both print and electronic versions. The award winners will be announced at a banquet on Saturday, October 20.

Following is a brief taste of Grind His Bones. Readers can find a synopsis of The Hitman’s Lover and its first chapter by scrolling down on this blog.

Grind His Bones – by Richard Newell Smith

Jack Scully’s legal practice doesn’t cover dog murderers, but he makes an exception for his nasty cousin Hugh McGrady, who sicked his pit bull on a pair of Chihuahuas. It’s a routine case until billionaire George Colby Clark discovers he has a problem. His son has murdered two women. Clark needs a patsy, and who better than Hugh McGrady. The frame-up is perfect until Jack Scully begins picking it apart. Clark then comes up with a new scheme – to eliminate anyone who can tie his son to the murders. Clark’s henchmen begin icing potential witnesses. But Clark’s son, a charming sociopath, has an even more ambitious plan, one that will leave him rich and everyone else dead.

For Scully, time is running out, and his only hope is to persuade Cat Dolan, a high-priced hooker, to help him. But the Cat has already sold both body and soul and sees Scully as nothing more than a threat to her dreams of sudden wealth. The stakes grow when Scully’s girlfriend is kidnapped. In a desperate attempt to save her, Scully goes face to face with a gang of killers with no weapons to guard his front and only the treacherous Cat Dolan to guard his back.

For more of Jack Scully, check out The Hitman’s Lover, available at Amazon at Barnes and Noble at and Kobo at


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